Am I Right Or What

Time and time again I hear people telling me that they are on the left of politics. But yet every time I sit down and have a conversation with them I find that their viewpoints identify more with the right. I always seem to have a hard time explaining it to them. I think I have identified the problem, however. The political right has had an image for many years. Tell me the truth. When you close your eyes and you think of a Republican do you get the picture of a rich, fat, white, Bible-thumping Southern Man. Come on, you know it’s true. And that may have been true 20 + years ago. It’s 2018 people! Nowadays you can have black, gay Republicans and no one would bat an eye. We have a problem. People don’t see Republicans in the right light. And yes the president is right there is fake news out there and it is a problem. What’s more believable these crazy stories how much of a monster Republicans are? or the fact that the news is run by Democrats. I know this because I was once a Democrat(that story is for another post. But for a lot of people, I truly believe they have a good conservative core but they are afraid to admit it because of the image the media portrays of a Republican. But that can change. And it starts with you. So do me a favor when you finish reading this. Whatever your point of view is. Whatever your political persuasion. Do your research. And get it for as many sources as possible. Even the ones that are mainstream News tells you is garbage.

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