Facts Don’t Lie Bruh

Ah, gun control. Its one of the hottest debates along party lines. it can really split a family in two and make for a really uncomfortable Thanksgiving. word of advice Don’t call your Aunt a Retarded liberal douche. At least not till after she passes the cranberries. All jokes aside. GUNS ARE NOT A PROBLEM.Look people take some time and do some research. Real research! Don’t just watch a video and call it good. and definitely don’t just get all your data from a Facebook meme. Take some time and dig in.


Where Do You ask? Well, how about the CDC? Or the F.B.I. as a matter of fact, I did just that. again though please I’m begging you, look for yourself. Anyways let’s get started. First, this data originated in 2015. Why not use current data you ask? Well, 2015 is the last year the CDC has 100% finished. However, the data doesn’t drastically change year to year. So let’s break this down The population in 2015 in the Great U.S.A 321 Million keep that in mind. and the CDC has the firearm mortality rate at 36,252 I take issue with this number. As tragic as a suicide is, I don’t feel that it needs to be included in this stat. Yet that is what they did. This is mainly irritating due to the fact that these gun control groups take that death rate and run with it.
Again that’s why I say YOU do that research. Trust me you will feel smart. Once you remove suicides where left With 14,234 Wait what? That was a huge drop right. Kinda would make a much different argument wouldn’t it? That’s right suicides contributed to 22,018 And that’s not just a 2015 stat. Suicide rates have been around 60% of firearm deaths for many years. It doesn’t end there. Let’s not forget our brave police officers. in the year of 2015, they downed 530 perps. So now we’re down to 13,704 That number is really starting to shrink. So let’s get into the numbers that concern people.
How about the number of accidents. You know all those bad hunting stories you hear about. Or those dumb ass parents who leave loaded firearms out in reach of children. its gotta be high right?….489 now I know what your thinking how many got hurt but didn’t die 17,311 not the best numbers but again look at the population. Next up on the chopping block, The unknown. these are deaths that they have no freaking clue. about the only info they have is no pulse and a bullet hole. 282 Not as many as you thought?Have you been keeping score? as of now where sitting at 12,933 now the CDC Says I should be at 12,979 And I’m too lazy to find out where we changed paths. Besides you need to do the digging too. This number is the homicide rate. Now, this is where it gets interesting. The CDC broke down the rates into categories of race. I made a pie graph cause you know murica!


Now, wait just a minute. I’m not implying that black folks are the problem. I am however not blind and can see that there is an issue. A lot of these numbers are from the inner cities, and most are from black on black crime. There is an issue it’s not black people. its the culture and community are of the inner cities. But that’s a blog for another day. There is, however, another category that I feel should be removed from this total. The CDC failed to give me any info. Justifiable homicides. That’s right. they lump them together. They did however just release a stat the other day claiming an average of 2.2 million lives saved each year with the defensive use of firearms.
With all this being said I hope you understand, Firearms are nothing more than tools. They are not the problem. The issue is with us. Now I’m not going to bore you with stats on how crime rates including murder are at record lows(at least not in this post), But there are things we can do as a society. Actions that we can take that don’t involve stripping Americans of there God given rights. Or making law-abiding citizens jump through a million hoops. It’s called Morals. Teach them to your kids, live by them. Just learn how not to be a dick. Also just because I love pie and pie charts. Here is some comparison to the population
firearm deaths ranked only 16 in the U.S.A. With suicide included. That’s right there neck to neck with Alcohol Poisoning. Drug overdoses account for almost twice as many deaths. On a side note, I want to mention something important. I’m not a 100% on this but I’m fairly sure it’s because of Obama. The CDC has the San Bernardino attack as a mass shooting and not a terrorist attack. just saying 14 people killed. Yes with firearms….but yeah. Now how do you feel guns? The correct answer is you don’t trust me and your gonna do the work your self. good here is a link

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