You can like him or you can hate him, but nothings gonna change the fact that Donald J Trump is YOUR president. So buck up buttercup cause you still got at least a few more years of it. Want some free advice, Stop your bitchin. seriously knock it off! I swear all I have to do is think the name trump and a lefty melts. question, has the world exploded yet? Last I checked its still here. Glad too cause I’ve been saving up for a new truck, And all these tax changes are really helping out. would be a shame if the nuclear winter set in.

U6SuIrvCome on admit it. Your just mad cause the crook didn’t win. Guess what. No amount of your riots in the streets, your walkouts, And your pussy hat parades can change the fact that Hillary Clinton is a criminal. and by far the worst candidate to ever run for office. What the left can’t seem to understand is that the more they RESIST the more they alienate the rest. so many Americans fall somewhere in the middle. yet they have created an environment so toxic that the second they speak up they are tarred and feathered.

Last year Kanye was their golden boy. the man was a genius, right? well as of last week he’s been labeled alt-right, And apparently being black is a state of character and has nothing to do with the level of melanin in your skin. That’s the core of the issue there. you speak up to the left….and NAZI NAZI NAZI. These are the same people who call Ben Shapiro a Nazi…..yeah this guy… `171020_ntl_ben_shapiro_1240_16x9_992

Did you notice the Yamaka? keep it up, And your gonna have a second term. Its gonna happen. oh and guess what?  THERE IS NO COLLISION. no matter how many porn stars you parade in front of us. when half the American people voted for trump we knew what baggage that came with. middle America is tired of being called racist, tired of being called dumb, and tired of baby-faced gender confused punks telling us how to think.

So here’s my warning to you. so long as you try and indoctrinate my children with your gender spectrum. so long as you force Christian bakers to support gay marriage. so long as try and censer my speech and try to take my guns, and try and force us all pay into your healthcare. we will be there at the polls pulling that lever for every candidate that keeps you in your cry closets. one thing for certain. The day will come when you pull your mama’s titty out of your mouth And wipe the milk from your peach fuzz. You gonna look back and see how asine you’ve been. That is of course if the Tide pods haven’t killed you yet. Oh, and by the way MAGA bitches!


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