Where’s Dinner?

picture this, you come home from work to find your wife is putting the finishing touches on tonight’s meal. you’re greeted by the delightful aroma of pot roast in the slow cooker and a peck on the cheek from the little lady. As you hang up your jacket the wife calls the children in from outside. after the tykes wash their hands and clean there faces they take a seat at the DINNER TABLE. As you consume your roast and carrots, And the buttery mashed potatoes. your family is engaged in conversation. for at this moment, your family is developing a deep bond. One that will help them throughout the entirety of there life.  It is these moments that you build the family bonds and instill the respect for each other.

Rockwell-freedom from want

I’m truly saddened that for most of us these days are gone. It seems that for a multitude of reasons The dinner table has gone to the wayside. Cell phones and ipads, T.Vs. Single parents who don’t have time. kids who are overloaded with after-school programs. Whatever the reason the results are the same. Families today seem more broken than ever. Kids have become so consumed with social media that they lack the empathy to properly communicate with real society. Parents have become lazy and Narcissistic. They worry more about the filter you want to use. or snooping on their neighbor’s profile.  We’re teaching a whole generation of children these bad behaviors, And the consequences could (and most likely will) be dire.

It’s understandable. we cant live in Mayberry. Today’s society might warrant both parents to work. Maybe you cant sit down every night for a meal. However, you need to make the effort. Really I’m not kidding as many time during the week sit down with the family. Eat your meal, And form those bonds. It doesn’t matter if its home cooked( FYI having the kids help you cook is another helpful factor). Stouffer’s lasagna, Subway, KFC even. Whats important is that you turn off your phone. Shut down the T.V. Set the table, And love your family. Just think this could be your kid. Nobody wants that.


Rockwell-freedom from want


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