Lets Just Get Started

I have so much to talk about and not enough brain power to type it. sorry in advance but I’m not the best when it comes to writing. iv always had a passion but never enough smarts to put whats in my head in writing and not make it look dumb. I guess practice makes perfect so what the heck lets give it a shot well, here I lay in my bed once again trying to not sleep. to this day it makes no sense to me. I love sleep…a lot yet I always seem to stay awake as long as I can. I believe it was Warren Zevon who said “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” I guess I’m awake though because of the pending operation. its a long story but here you are, so strap in sally.I joined the Navy right out of high school. I didn’t have much for dreams. all I really wanted in life was a family. but none the less gotta make money, and me not being too big in the smarts department kinda stopped the collage idea. BTW I’m glad I didn’t go. I left with two thoughts in my head. 1. GET ME OUT OF HERE2. I hope my girlfriend comes with meWell, I succeeded and shortly after finishing boot camp and my other schooling I was on my way to Virginia with my now wife. and life was great the end…not yet though. my job in the navy was boilers. I was a machinist mate. it is a hard, dirty and grueling job. most of the sailors on the ship practically had a 9-5 type job…. but the engineers..well no dice. we would work a 6×6 shift nonstop the whole time we were underway. that means I work 6 hours on and 6 hours off. over and over and over and you get the point.the 6 on wasn’t so bad after awhile. but my 6 off well I have 6 hours to eat, shower shave do laundry. 6 hours to study for advancement. oh and that’s right you gotta sleep at some point. and this was every day of the week. no days off. I’ve never been a smoker. but I would pretend to just to use the smoke deck(it was the only time I got to see sunlight). understand though, I would never give it back. I love my country and the job I did for it. which leads me to the tough part of the story. for this is what changed my life forever. being a machinist mate means that you work at the bottom of the ship. well, one fine day aboard the ship called the USS WASP I was heading out to work. I had just had some breakfast and was eager to go. we were on the Atlantic ocean heading for Spain. the mission bringing back our marines who just got done fighting in the Iraq war. we were about two days out from making port. I headed out of the mess hall and over to the hanger bay. from there it was DOWN DOWN DOWN. like I said the bottom of the ship. then it happened the moment that changed me forever. I reach the last ladder…then well I’m not sure if I was all me. or if it was the ship rocking. or just both….but I fell. I fell straight down 7ft directly on the side of my right foot. what resulted was a 5’8 230lb man fractured the bones on the outside of his foot. and severed all but one tendon in his ankle. the one still attached well it was barely there. so to wrap it up that moment ended my career in the navy. after waiting about a year I was able to have the operation to reattach my tendons( they thought I was crying wolf) now I’m not sure if it was because it took so long or just because….but the operation didn’t work out so well. I would never be 100% what I was…fast forward to now, and I’m having a second crack at the operation. this Tuesday to be exact. a lot changed since then. I got a job at a foundry I’m still married to my high school sweetie and I have three beautiful Daughters(and guns I have guns. and I have my marksmen medal too).so I’m a mix of emotions right now. I’m off work and gonna be that way until August. problem is as much as I bitch about it, I like to go to work. I feel guilty being home like this. and now that I’m having the surgery I’m really not gonna be much help to my wife. I’m going mad. heck, I’m writing a blog.



Make The Move

Like I’ve said in earlier posts. I wasn’t always a conservative. Well, I didn’t call myself one. Looking back I’ve always had a lot of right-leaning stances. But like I stated earlier I had the image of a Republican in my head and it just didn’t match me. Plus I was in my teens, I was still in high school and I was wanting friends. And I would pretty much think that way for many years. In fact, I didn’t identify myself as a conservative until just about 2 years ago. It all started with a gun.

What gun you ask. A Smith & Wesson M&P full-size 9mm.  I had shot firearms quite a few times in the Navy. But it never occurred to me that I am now an adult and am able to purchase a firearm of my own. It was sometime after my separation from the Navy a friend of mine took me shooting, He is a big-time gun guy. He told me how much fun it was so I figured I would “give it a shot” pun intended. I did quite well and he ended up selling me the very same Smith & Wesson I mentioned earlier and he ended up buying a Glock to replace it. what started as a hobby soon became a passion. Day after day I became consumed with guns. I wanted to shoot them. I wanted to clean them. Any and everything about them I wanted to know.

With knowledge comes truth. part of learning about firearms is learning facts. it is knowing the difference between semi-auto and automatic. the difference between a clip and a magazine, and learning a lot about the Hollywood B.S. That’s right 99.9% of anything gun in the movies is nothing more than crap. Honestly, I have a hard time watching moves nowadays. That is where I started to turn. every time I tried to get into a flick I would be pulled out by small errors. “there is no recoil” “that not a double action only pistol”……again and again the cinema would piss me off. however, the one thing that would make my blood boil every time……”Assault Rifle. it was in the news, the movies, T.V shows. EVERYWHERE. each time they said it I would growl back. ” its a Semi-auto Rifle to twit”.

To no end, these morons never do any research. The rhetoric planted a seed in my head, and soon it festered into animosity towards the media. why can’t they get it right? well, I found out. They hate guns all guns. it has to be. the information is all there. the facts don’t lie….but they can. and I found myself questioning everything. if they lied about this then what else are they lying about. The more I would dig the more I found lies. I began to question my beliefs. were they even mine. or did I simply just go with the flow because I was being lazy and not looking into the facts. yep, that was it. I would watch the news and trust that they had the 100% facts. Or I would see a meme on Facebook and just go with it, never actually looking any deeper. not anymore. I knew people where lying, but things have changed. I research so much now. so please do yourself a favor. don’t listen to just the news. assume everything you see is a lie at first. take your time and do the research, and also admit that you could be wrong.

Am I Right Or What

Time and time again I hear people telling me that they are on the left of politics. But yet every time I sit down and have a conversation with them I find that their viewpoints identify more with the right. I always seem to have a hard time explaining it to them. I think I have identified the problem, however. The political right has had an image for many years. Tell me the truth. When you close your eyes and you think of a Republican do you get the picture of a rich, fat, white, Bible-thumping Southern Man. Come on, you know it’s true. And that may have been true 20 + years ago. It’s 2018 people! Nowadays you can have black, gay Republicans and no one would bat an eye. We have a problem. People don’t see Republicans in the right light. And yes the president is right there is fake news out there and it is a problem. What’s more believable these crazy stories how much of a monster Republicans are? or the fact that the news is run by Democrats. I know this because I was once a Democrat(that story is for another post. But for a lot of people, I truly believe they have a good conservative core but they are afraid to admit it because of the image the media portrays of a Republican. But that can change. And it starts with you. So do me a favor when you finish reading this. Whatever your point of view is. Whatever your political persuasion. Do your research. And get it for as many sources as possible. Even the ones that are mainstream News tells you is garbage.