I’d Tap That

Once again the Entertainment news (NBC) falsely announced misleading information. This time being that President Trump lawyer Micheal Cohn was wiretapped.  NBC then issued a correction saying that the phones were in fact not tapped, However, federal investigators were keeping a log of calls. I would like to act surprised at this level of misreporting, But that ship sailed over a year ago.

Fake news media jumps at every opportunity to smear our President. It reminds me of the old story. You remember, The boy who cried wolf. Except for this time its the news media that cried Russia Collusion.

Yeah, I’m still waiting to see some, And last I checked the Mueller probe has done nothing more than waste tax payers money. It needs to end NOW. I’m with the President on this one. It’s a total WITCH HUNT. Let this be a reminder to all. President Trump has been doing one hell of a job exposing the Scum that dredges the very bottom of the swamp.

He’s Done his part, Now let’s do ours. Be sure that you are reregistered to vote. We don’t want to let this opportunity pass us by.



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