Why Leftists Can’t Have a Discussion Without a Fight


Many passionate discussions about important topics seem to end up in anger and insults. From street corners to the halls of congress, there are a lot of angry people, unhappy with the the ways of a fatally flawed world. It should be no wonder why leftist advocates, regardless of the issue, are so prone to flying off the handle.

While they may not have received formal training in the art of battle, the average soldier for social justice has been coaxed into conflict by the central planners they so naively revere.

Leftists want arguments. Arguments create division. Division requires classes of people who differ. These classes require protection from bad people and they need advocates for their victimhood.

Without this conflict, the leftists’ house of cards comes crashing down. Without disdain and disgust for those who disagree with them, there is no wrong for them to right.

They become rebels…

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