Top 3 Simple Ways To Make A Little Extra On The Side

Are you ready to make some money? of course, you are. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the top 3 simple ways to make money.


  1.  Stocks

Hey, it’s 2018 folks. The stock market is no longer middle aged suits yelling into the phone SELL SELL SELL. The stock market has caught up with technology. nowadays your average soccer mom has a portfolio. there are many options nowadays for making trades. Most places will charge you a commision on trades. that’s not cool. well, guess what? I’m gonna let you in on a secret. its called Robin Hood. with Robin Hood, you can perform all your trades free of charge. The only catch, No day trades. A HUGE bonus though, if you’re into getting paid divided ends then robin hoods right for you. 


Buying stocks seems like a bit too much? Need a simpler approach. Then you need Acorns. What makes acorns unique is the ability to link up with your bank account, So that they round up your purchases. Spend $1.75 at the gas station and have a quarter go straight to your acorns account. That’s right it runs off of your spare Change. Once you’re in the app. you can choose simple investments. they Have tons of easy to pick portfolios from well-known companies. really take a look.


 Stash is one of my favorites. with features like auto deposit and Free commissions its hard not to save. Stash allows you to purchase fractions of a share. In return you still get dividends. win-win right. Look I.B.M is a great stock. but I don’t feel like paying $145 for a share. Now, of course, your getting fractions of dividends, But you get the safety of a low volatile stock. it’s definitely something to look into.


2. Online Savings

Intrest based savings account. now there are many banks and credit unions out there that offer you a savings account, But only a few are as good as Ally Bank. Ally has a rock solid online savings platform. I started mine a little over a year ago. At the time they were at a steady  1.00% interest compounded daily. you heard right, DAILY! Every day your saving is growing. An account like this has huge potential. Nowadays I’m rocking a 1.50% combine that with weekly deposits and your gold.


3. Rebates

Get this, You can get money back on so much stuff that you buy every day. I’m talking Clothes, appliances subscriptions,  Electronics. and yes even food and beer. Good people, I give you Ibotta. with this app you can search the very stores you shop at all the time. find the products in the app that you already planned on buying. clip rebate, Snap a photo of your receipt. Before you know it you got your money. once you hit $20 you can cash out. Ibotta has a huge selection of stores. many online stores too. This is too easy to not do it. Heck, most of the online stores offer a flat percentage back. you can buy whatever you want. there are a few other sites that are similar, But none are even close to how good Ibotta is. to date, I’ve made over $500 using it.


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