US Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are underpaid. Or so they would have you believe. Well given the proper parameters you could argue that they are in fact are underpaid. If you were to compare the average public school teachers salary to other college graduates, then yes they are paid less. That doesn’t mean that they are underpaid. it just means that they choose the wrong profession.


Understand this, you made the choice to become a school teacher. it is a job that you chose to do. I chose to blog. does that give me the right to bitch about how much I get paid? If I want to earn more money I should simply choose something that pays more. Yes, some states are a bit behind the curve Arizona, West Virginia, and Oklahoma school teachers earn an average of $46,570. I find that most sites try to fool you with the numbers by giving you the starting wages and not the state average. News flash people WHEN YOU START A NEW JOB YOU START AT THE BOTTOM!


The average salary of these three states $47,359. doesn’t seem like they are doing too bad. I work full-time in an iron foundry in Michigan. It’s hot, dirty and very exhausting. The average salary here…$51,084 I make just under that. I get full benefits just like most school teachers. I have sick days, vacation days, pension, And a 401k.


Can you guess what They have and I don’t? winter break, spring break, summer break, And many other breaks in between. Yes, I do understand that they take a lot of work home with them, But it’s, not the 60’s folks. you can’t tell me that with all the technology we have in the schools nowadays that teachers lives haven’t gotten a hell of a lot better.


I make about the same as a teacher. Yet I’m putting in 50+ hours a week ALL YEAR to achieve that. believe me, it takes a toll on my body. I Pay the mortgage every month, the car loan, utilities, feed my 3 kids and wife. on my salary.  Keep in mind that teachers make the same while still getting all that time off.  Life isn’t that hard for them.


It’s all about supply and demand people. If the supply is high the demand is low. Figure it out. Stop Bitching about your life choices.



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