An Open Letter To Senator MCain

Dear Senator McCain,

First and foremost I would like to Say thank you for your service. I truly mean that. I Hold great esteem for my brothers and sisters who have served. On that note, I also say I commiserate the pain and suffering you endured on behalf of our great nation. It is for that reason that I will do my best to be as respectful, Not only you but the position that you hold.

You are a RINO there is no getting around that. You consistently undermine your party. It sickens me to see our nation’s progress stifled by you and your Democrat cronies. Let this be known, Gina Haspel is a terrific Choice to head the C.I.A. Just because you were tortured doesn’t make you an expert on the matter. Just as I have been the victim of armed robbery doesn’t make me an expert on crime.

Understand this. I may be young. There is much wisdom left for me to find. But please hear me now. I Believe you that you sir are a man with Honor, Courage, And Commitment. I consider you my shipmate. You may mirror these core values, But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be wrong.

The reason I’m writing you is to simply say this. RETIRE. please. Be the man that emulates the Honor, Courage, And Commitment. You are in your sixth term. That is way too long for any Senator to serve. Please consider my request. Take the time you have left and spend it with your family. You know it is the right thing to do. May it be one last great deed for your country.


Fat Conservative

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