BAM Right In The Kisser!–Daily Wire


On Wednesday, CIA director nominee Gina Haspel embarrassed 84-year-old California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein by fact-checking her during her confirmation hearing after Feinstein cited reports that have been debunked for months.

The Free Beacon reports:

The passage in question was written by former CIA lawyer John Rizzo in the book Company Man, and reports citing his book claimed Haspel ran an interrogation program at a CIA site where al Qaeda suspect Abu Zubaydah was interrogated, but Rizzo has corrected that claim.

“Senator, I am so pleased you asked me that question,” Haspel responded to Feinstein, who asked her if she ran the CIA’s interrogation program. “If you have your staff check, Mr. Rizzo has issued a correction.”

George Soros-funded ProPublica also retracted their false report on the allegations which were used by the media to attack Haspel in 2017.

Feinstein shot back, “My understanding is that it was recently confirmed it was you.”

“Senator, I did not run the interrogation department,” Haspel said. “In fact, I was not even read into the interrogation program until it had been up and running for a year.”–Daily Wire. 


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