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Anni Cyrus, a Sharia survivor from Iran. ~tannngl What does real feminism mean? Is it the unthinking feminism of lefty politics, of Planned Parenthood, gun control and interfaith support for Islam? Or is it actually standing up for your own rights? Lefty feminism fantasizes about the nightmare scenarios of Handmaid’s Tale. […]

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Build The Wall

America we need to act fast. As you read this blog we’re hemorrhaging money. There are many facets to our budget dilemma, immigration being one of the worst.  First, let’s make a few things clear. Welcome to America, now speak English. It sounds harsh I know. Yet I don’t seem to care. I have no issues with you coming to my country. but if you do I expect you to become an asset to my homeland. not a leech. By all means, bring some of your cultures along with you. But you fly my flag higher.


Immigration in both its legal and illegal form has become a bottomless pit for my tax dollars. Lets crunch some numbers. It is estimated that in 2016 illegals cost the American taxpayers around $116 BILLION. Let’s break down some of these numbers

  • Medicaid Births = $1,242,990,372
  •  Uncompensated Hospital Expenditure =$8,200,000,000
  • Medicaid Fraud= $3,458,475,000
  • Medicaid for U.S.-born Kids of Illegal Aliens = $4,234,129,200

Well so far we’re up to $17,135,594,572  And this is just Federal cost. we haven’t even touched state cost.

But Wait we still have Assistance programs. That’s about $3 billion. Should I keep adding them up? Incarnations, Deportation cost Etc Ect. You get the point right? It’s often argued that immigrants do not receive welfare programs. Well, you’re wrong. They cheat the system by exploiting our 14th amendment. That’s right. All they need to do is pump out another unit on U.S. soil then Bam-O the Kids got a number. We pay for it all. The Whole family gets together under one household. and before you know it you’re feeding them all. Let’s not forget the kid though. where gonna put the tyke through school, don’t forget school lunches. that’s another $1 billion. Really I could go on with the numbers, But we would be here all day.

It’s more than just Illegal immigration. Legit legal immigration is responsible for an estimated 75 % of welfare use.  It’s a tough pill to swallow but this needs to stop. yes, even the Legal immigration. Call me cruel, Say I’m a dick, but if you plan on comming here just to live off our welfare programs…well then get the hell out.