Damn Dirty Hippies!

The golden commie state of California has reached another level of ludicrous. Starting in 2020 most all new homes built will require solar panels on their roof. Oh, goodie more government overreach. How can a state that’s so blue be so red? The only exception to the regulation is homes that are shaded, and homes that are too small to benefit from the panels. There is some hope (not really) the standards still need final approval from California’s Building Standards Commission.

Why am I such a stick in the mud about this? Well, solar panels are not as green as you think. I feel that when most people view solar panels they forget about the process involved in making, shipping, and maintaining them. The carbon footprint of solar panel production varies widely by region of production, depending largely on the primary fuel that a region relies on for its energy. In 2014, a study found that the carbon footprint of a solar panel produced in China, where coal is heavily relied upon for electricity, was twice that of a panel produced in Europe.

Carbon emissions are not the only environmental impact of the solar manufacturing process. In 2008, a Washington Post article exposed the improper waste disposal methods occurring at a polysilicon facility in China. The process of producing polysilicon, a component of solar panels, creates the highly toxic byproduct silicon tetrachloride. Though silicon tetrachloride can be recycled to create more polysilicon, some facilities do not purchase the expensive equipment required to recycle or treat this harmful waste. Instead, it is dumped into the environment. When exposed to water, the silicon tetrachloride releases hydrochloric acid, leading to soil acidification and the release of harmful fumes

Further, solar panel manufacturing poses occupational risks to the workers involved. Silica for solar cells is often derived from quartz, and the mining of quartz carries the risk of the lung disease silicosis. Additionally, hydrofluoric acid, frequently used to clean silicon wafers and texture their surface to better collect sunlight, is capable of destroying tissue and can significantly harm employees if not handled carefully. It is crucial that manufacturers have worker protection measures in place to mitigate these risks in the production process.

All of this factors into the cost of solar panels. Speaking of cost. What is this gonna do for the housing market? California has been ranked as the worst state to buy a home. A stat that has been repeated many times over(Google it). This is just another blow to the market.  It’s almost like they don’t want people to move there. As of now, the average cost of a home in The Golden Stank is around $440,000. It’s almost like they are pushing you into rentals… I’ll leave that one for another day. Till then California can keep their faggy Beaches and their insane laws. I’m perfectly fine with My Michigan beaches. maxresdefault