Making some easy money

Wanna earn some extra bucks while taking a dump? Maybe a little bit of cash while you sleep. well, read the list dummy.

Dig_Refl_logoDigital reflection is as easy as it gets. All you do is head on over to the homepage sign up and wait for a little black box to show up in the mail. Once it arrives plug it into your modem. from that point on you will get $5 a month. If you feel like doing a bit more they also ask you to do a 1 min optional checkup once a month for $5 more. If you keep it plugged in and do the checkup…then they reward you with an extra $20 every three months….that is if you are comfortable with a black box hooked to your internet…I’m looking at you bald creepers!

Smart panel

This is a lot like digital reflection. just without the box. instead, you download an app onto your computer and smartphone. You get paid $5 a month if you keep everything running. They will reward you with a loyalty bonus too.


again, You just download the app and make it easier for big brother to track you.

 Surveys On The Go

Now, this is one of the few survey apps that are actually good.  download the app. Enable location(GOVERNMENT) and let it be. The app runs in the background and monitors your every move. If they sense that you are at Walmart then they might shoot you a notification about a Walmart survey. Surveys can award you anything from $1 to $20. Just for a simple survey. You didn’t even have to get out of your pajamas(WALMART)

 Google opinion rewards

 This one acts much like Surveys on the go, Google is tracking your every move. Except for this time they listen to who you call, track where you’ve been, and keep track of your location. In return for your complete lack of privacy(incognito mode doesn’t fool them), you get a very brief survey that will award you about 10 to 50 cents….of Google know the stuff you can only use at the Google play store.


Micheal Moore Can Shove It!

Documentary filmmaker And worlds first talking hemorrhoid Micheal Moore made a statement on Twitter Saturday.

“Happy 200th Birthday Karl Marx! You believed that everyone should have a seat at the table & that the greed of the rich would eventually bring us all down. You believed that everyone deserves a slice of the pie. You knew that the super wealthy were out to grab whatever they could” 1:32 PM – 5 May 2018

I for one am sick and tired of Hollywood douchebags trying to push communist ideals in our faces. So here is my letter to him.

Dear Commie lover,

Please do America a favor. Pound some sand! We Americans love our constitutional republic and don’t need your Marxist garbage here. Capitalism is amazing. You should know. You are in fact a multi-millionaire. If you truly believe that your commie idol was right then why haven’t you spread out your wealth? Come on Jabba why can’t I have a slice of that pie?  Just saying, Also It looks like you’ve had a few too many pies. In case you are not aware capitalism has pulled more people out of poverty than any other economic system. You might have known that if you had spent more time reading, And less time pounding cheeseburgers. So we the American people would like to tell you to shut the hell up. And also you might want to try some Botox on your neck. Seriously dude, It looks like a nutsack.

Real Americans.