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Minimum RAGE

You must think that I’m crazy for saying this. But we need to eliminate the minimum wage. Seriously get rid of it. Let’s face it, The government sucks at money. They cant even balance a budget. so why the hell do we allow them to dictate what we get paid?  It’s time to let the businesses decide. The federal government is putting small business in a choke hold. Imagine this, your the owner of a small shop, This place is your life, your passion. Day after day you work your fingers to the bone. Slowly over time, your patience pays off and you’re becoming the talk of the town. Pretty soon you start to get some larger orders in. It’s then you realize that you cant keep up.

This is it though. Once you break through this barrier of fame your company will be launched. All your hard work will be paid for. your gonna be a success.  WAIT, that’s tight you cant keep up. I guess its time for you to hire some help. Well, know I guess you’re in a bit of a pickle. your company is growing, But to take on an employee would break the bank. Damn you minimum wage. Another small business bites the dust.

A bit extreme I know. however, this does happen. Small business makes up an estimated 60% to 80% of  U.S jobs. that is staggering. with numbers like this, we as a country should be doing everything in our power to make sure these places stay in business. Yet with minimum wage requirements, they struggle. Heres the solution. You allow the BUSSINESS owner NEGOTIATE wages with the WORKER. simple right. no government overreach involved. Because the government has no right. and if by chance the business owner doesn’t pay his worker a fair wage…well nobody’s forcing the said worker to work there. This allows small business owners the ability to get their company off the ground, And on the plus side, it gives workers an opportunity.

Picture this, The work that the Small business needs doing isn’t exactly skilled labor. so it’s not a job for a worker who let’s say has been active in the workforce for many years. Nope, in fact, its a perfect match for a high school kid. Or possibly a college student. No minimum wage means that the business owner can NEGOTIATE a wage with the young workers. It’s a win-win situation. The students who lack the work experience required for most jobs are given an opportunity to build said experience. On the other hand, the small shop owner has the chance to pay inexperienced workers a lower wage that won’t bankrupt his company. The money he saves allows him to grow. and with growth comes more money, And down the line as his business grows he can choose to negotiate a bigger wage with his now more experienced workers.

But what about competition? Let’s not forget the basic fundamentals of a free market, COMPETITION. Stay with me here. say you have a Mcdonalds down the road from you. I know you do, This is America everyone does. and wherever you find the golden arches your gonna find a Burger King close by. ok now for a few scenarios. first is a $15 minimum wage. Do you really think that these burger joints want to pay $15 an hour for an entry worker position? So what does that leave? experienced workers. So are these experienced workers gonna stick around to flip burgers? Or will they move on to better-paying jobs that warrant their knowledge? So who’s left? I Guess they get stuck with Pizza faced kids. Bring on the burger flipping robots.

Now same Micky D’s Scenario. this time no minimum wage. if I come in off the street needed a job. I have no experience and I only wanna work two days a week. Well, I’m not exactly a very workable employee. I’m offered $5 an hour. I tell them I’ll think about it. Then a head across the street to BK. I give them the same offer.  The only difference is BK is in desperate need of a worker. However, they only offer $4.25 an hour. Of course, I decline. I can get paid more elsewhere. Like I said they NEED me. so they counter with $5.25. It’s an oversimplification I know but do you get my point? By getting the government out of business it allows for business to compete on all levels. Including wages.

Do you have time for one more? Good. We in America are in desperate need of trade jobs. to many of us have traded our work boot in for a tie. listen close minimum wage will kill off the rest of those jobs. I myself work in a foundry. been there for six years now. Well, guess what? I started at the bottom, Making $10 an hour. Every day I would come home covered in iron dust. it sucked the big one. And that’s the point. You start small at the bottom, And you work hard. You put your time in. Eventually, you work your way to a better cleaner job. after six years in that foundry, I’m making way more than $10 an hour, And I’m much cleaner too. I’m telling you now I would have never made it in that job if they had raised minimum wage. Why the heck would anyone volunteer to do that hard of work when they could bag groceries for the same paycheck. People, we need more foundry workers and fewer Baggers. You think I’m wrong? leave in the comments below. and if you think IM right. then show your support on my Patreon.

Where’s Dinner?

picture this, you come home from work to find your wife is putting the finishing touches on tonight’s meal. you’re greeted by the delightful aroma of pot roast in the slow cooker and a peck on the cheek from the little lady. As you hang up your jacket the wife calls the children in from outside. after the tykes wash their hands and clean there faces they take a seat at the DINNER TABLE. As you consume your roast and carrots, And the buttery mashed potatoes. your family is engaged in conversation. for at this moment, your family is developing a deep bond. One that will help them throughout the entirety of there life.  It is these moments that you build the family bonds and instill the respect for each other.

Rockwell-freedom from want

I’m truly saddened that for most of us these days are gone. It seems that for a multitude of reasons The dinner table has gone to the wayside. Cell phones and ipads, T.Vs. Single parents who don’t have time. kids who are overloaded with after-school programs. Whatever the reason the results are the same. Families today seem more broken than ever. Kids have become so consumed with social media that they lack the empathy to properly communicate with real society. Parents have become lazy and Narcissistic. They worry more about the filter you want to use. or snooping on their neighbor’s profile.  We’re teaching a whole generation of children these bad behaviors, And the consequences could (and most likely will) be dire.

It’s understandable. we cant live in Mayberry. Today’s society might warrant both parents to work. Maybe you cant sit down every night for a meal. However, you need to make the effort. Really I’m not kidding as many time during the week sit down with the family. Eat your meal, And form those bonds. It doesn’t matter if its home cooked( FYI having the kids help you cook is another helpful factor). Stouffer’s lasagna, Subway, KFC even. Whats important is that you turn off your phone. Shut down the T.V. Set the table, And love your family. Just think this could be your kid. Nobody wants that.


Rockwell-freedom from want